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It's cute when your young pup jumps up to greet you, but it becomes frustrating when your adult 50Lb pooch bounces about the room.

June 7, 2003
Five pups, five toes, and the 5th of May. Congratulations to Cinco and his family. 
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May, 2003
River Market Raid.
An Independant Dog Rescue 'swat team' draws crowds.

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DogsOnly Rescue needs your help.  There is a special need for foster homes, case workers, and event coordinators.  Click here to contact the Volunteer Coordinator or click the link below to read more about the various programs available to volunteers.
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• Bad to the bone.

Don’t blame your dog when things start getting ugly, it’s up to you to be the master and make an effort to do the training. Dogs are smart and they can find a million ways to get into trouble, and unless you make an effort to learn how to train, you can expect to live with a four legged terror.

The following articles are reprinted as a courtesy and with kind permission from to help you to understand and correct some of your dogs problem behaviors.

• Fear Aggression Due To Dominance
What should I do if I think my dog is becoming aggressive?" "Is this something my young dog will just outgrow?" "Are there some things I can do at home, and where do I start?"
• Biting: Causes, Prevention, and Control
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a federal agency which monitors and controls human diseases, estimates over 4.7 million people are bitten per year.
• Chewing Behavior: How to control
Don't give your puppy an old shoe or sock to chew on. Puppies don't understand the difference between new and old'
• Digging - Why do dogs dig?
Most behaviors of dogs are either the product of instinct, or a learned behavior. Digging behavior is no exception; it is an instinct.

Life and death of an
    untrained dog.
I woke up one morning with my littermates. I saw Mom lying there, so I went over to get some breakfast. Mom was warm and she licked me all over. She loved us so much...

• Fear of Thunderstorms & Noise Phobias
It is unknown why some pets become afraid of noises; it is a common problem in dogs, but less so in cats. The fear can soon become a phobia. Heres what you should do...
• Jumping Up on People
What should I do
to top a puppy or dog from jumping up on people
• Leash Pulling: How to prevent it
One of the most common behavior problems that people have with their puppies is pulling on the leash. It is much easier to prevent the problem than to have to correct it once it has become a habit.
• Older Dogs: Common Behavior Changes
Puppies have their behavior problems, and older dogs have theirs. For older dogs, in many cases it is not that they do not understand the 'rules,' but that they may, for many reasons, be unable to follow them.
• Barking: A Common Behavior Problem
Dogs bark. It is part of their normal and natural communication and behavior.
• Puppies Biting
How can I stop my puppy from nipping and biting? 

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